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For you and those like you. You will never know how your life being taken ECHOED. NOT forgotten… Never.











RIP Trayvon Martin

gives me chills

He didn’t do a damn thing wrong

I’m gonna reblog this every time I see it because never forget.

What happened what is this? Someone educate me

bruh… it’s footage from when Trayvon Martin went to 7/11 and bought Skittles & an Arizona prior to being murdered by George Zimmerman’s bitch ass.

I was bout to pass it but something told me read the comments and watch..This gave me the chills.^”George Zimmerman’s bitch ass” you could not of said this any better.If you dont know who or what this footage is about.Go to the muthafuckin Google.com then go in the fuckin search box and type ‘Trayvon Martin’ and learn some shit!! Its definitely gon be part of history…For Each one,teach one

R.I.P. Trayvon Martin

Reblogging again

Always reblog. For all the Black men and boys out there who can’t even be safe in their own neighborhoods.

Makes me sit here and contemplate life as we know it.

Trayvon Martin

I literally cried when I first heard this story its just not fair for a kids life to be taken that way ..and then they let Zimmerman get off like what the hell…justice was not served to Trayvon Martin …R.I.P Trayvon Martin !! Save a spot for me in heaven ..Gone but not forgotten .

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reblog when you see whats wrong 

I see what’s wrong can’t tell ya doe lol


reblog when you see whats wrong 

I see what’s wrong can’t tell ya doe lol

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He is just so amazing !!!

He was so cayuuute shii shoulda called mehh….and to the person who didnt answer the phone …smh lol 😭😭😭😃😃😃

First ,off let me apologize for all dem others guys that didn’t treat you right girl..let me ease ya mind girl
Trevor Jackson
Let’s just take a moment …Let’s bow our heads !!!

Let’s just take a moment …Let’s bow our heads !!!

To be love to be loved what a feeling it’s a drug
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